Rehearsal Rooms

Premium Design. Cost-effective prices

Feel that Noise currently hosts 2 carefully designed Rehearsal spaces above our Workshop. Both rooms have been designed to maximise the available space without compromising on sound quality

Have you ever been in a poorly designed rehearsal room, and noticed that the E string seems to ring just a little longer than all the others? or that the snare drum sounds a lot louder over there, than it does over here?

The Feel that Noise rehearsal rooms have been acoustically designed to provide a neutral soundscape. Sized and fitted with carefully positioned acoustic dampening and absorption, to avoid any unwanted resonance. So you can spend more time hearing your own sound, and less time trying to drown out the bass drum.

Simple and no nonsense, these cost effective rooms have been designed using isolating room in room principles. Fully insulated from the outside world, you won't have to crank it to 11 just to drown out the cars outside.

All rooms come equipped with:

  • Drum Shells

  • 1 x Guitar Amp

  • 1 x Bass Amp

  • PA

  • 3 x Mic stands

  • Assorted Leads/Cables/Duct tape