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Daran Leaver - Head Mechanic: 
Bought up around bikes at a young age and inspired to work on then since is now putting his experience and problem solving skills to use to make sure your 2 wheeled vehicle is at its best performance. In his spare time Daran rides a Suzuki gen 1 Hayabusa, and when not working on bikes or riding them he plays bass guitar in a queen tribute band Queenergy!.

 Martin Corney - Chief Mechanic:
A man of many traits, once a carpenter and now a mechanic. Martin now spends time in the workshop to heal the broken and damaged bikes to bring them back to their former glory. Martin also details motorbikes to get them looking their best. In his spare time he rides a Honda VFR800 and when not on motorbikes or working on them he spends time with his family!. 

Aaron Dalrymple - Sponsored Racer:
Where Aaron has grown up riding bikes he puts those skills too use in racing in motocross for 30 years in 2nd in the 125 supernational in 2002 he now rode a k2 600 Suzuki Gixxer in the thunder sports rookie series where he came out on top and won 1st by 104 points in 2021, now racing in the MRO 600 in 2022 came 5th overall out of 41 riders which was a good effort for his first year in that class and hoping for more podiums this year, hunting down the win for the season. in Aaron's spare time he rides an Ducati Panigale V4s and when the 2 wheels aren't on the road he spends time preparing for the next possible race!.

George Leaver - Mechanic Technician and Tech support -
Bought up around motorbikes George has found a passion for the work and now helps Daran to fix and repair bikes in need of work, even though young he has learned over 5 years how to work on bikes, but eventually George will be leaving the team to find a place in the Army. In his spare time George rides a Yamaha TDR 125 Belgarda, and when not riding he plays instruments such as guitar, drums and bass but not just a musician, he helps roadie for Darans band Queenergy!.

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