SS21 Post COVID riding do's and don'ts

After a long and dare I say, a lonely winter in lock-down the SS21 Riding season has arrived. The NMC put together a comprehensive document explaining the roadmap out of lockdown and what motorcyclists can expect.

  • A slow and measured approach out of the lockdown restrictions allowing more general meetings in an outdoor setting will come into force in England on 29th March 2021.

  • Six people may meet in an outdoor setting or the sum of two households.

  • The initial relaxing of the lockdown rules will allow for leisure ride-outs to start up again providing that you stay local where possible and observe social distancing at your destination.

  • Permitted destinations for your leisure motorcycle ride can include open spaces such as parks, beaches, countryside accessible to the public, forests, public gardens, or the grounds of heritage sites. (The term ‘open-air recreation’ is not defined in the regulations and could be argued as encompassing motorcycling for leisure on public roads)

  • If you do decide to ride your motorcycle for such reasons, make sure you follow the relevant practical advice and guidance published by the NMC.

  • The NMC does stress that we are still under lock-down and they do urge you to employ common-sense when deciding your route for the purpose of your leisure ride-out

  • The ongoing message is to 'stay local where possible, until the guidance changes, the indicative date for this in England being 17th May (if the previous relaxation measures are successful.

  • This advice is for England only. For Wales, Scotland and N.I. please read the full document on the NMC website

The below link can provide you with more in-depth information.

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