What a year this was

As our 1st birthday approaches we look back in stunned awe at what we accomplished in the last 12 months. We are sure that the vast majority of us all believe that 2020 can stick it, but it most certainly was not all doom and gloom.

We conquered mountains and had buckets of fun along the way as we coped with the Pandemic and the ever-changing rules and regulations being flung at us. At times it felt like we were attempting to nail jelly to the wall and at other times it played to our advantage.

The lock-down afforded us the opportunity to finish the rehearsal rooms to a standard that would not offend us, or Sheldon - our very detail oriented Design Engineer - We live in hope every day, that bands can book gigs again so that our Rehearsal rooms can realise its full potential.

Simon is working tirelessly wearing many hats to keep us all afloat, while managing the Bigger Picture Development program for the whole company and making sure that we are compliant. The Premises License application pushed us all to new levels of learning and on 12 August 2020 we were rewarded with the grant of a Premises License. Having realised this milestone it pushed us to tackle the next goal and so it is onward and upwards to get the Reception built. In Early October building on phase 3 will start and we hope to realise the reception area that is currently floating around our collective imagination.

Lizé held down the reception desk, dealt with the accounts and lend assistance where it was needed. From being a human paddock stand to fielding calls and dealing with the Supply chain every day was like a circus in full swing. During the height of lock-down Lizé sewed masked and worked on the product development for the new heavy duty Cotton Twill under-layer motorcycle cover that is designed to sit under your regular motorcycle cover. It aims to combat moisture build up under the standard motorcycle cover during the long winter months. With that said, we are very excited to announce that the development phase was a success and Lizé sewed the 1st test cover on Saturday

The daily services in the workshop gained a good steady pace and by beginning May Daran was begging for sustainable help in the workshop. This came in the form of Martin Corney who signed on as a Freelance Mechanic. Together the 2 of them took on every challenge flung their way and not much beat them. The one and only bike that has 1 point in its corner is a GPZ 900s with a very cantankerous carburettor that simply will not play ball. This bike is currently in the naughty corner and Workshop is beat but not defeated. We currently have 10 projects on the roster and among it are:

  1. Aprilia 125 Extrema - This is our Flagship project in our corporate colours and when the crank is back the engine will go back together and we can put this long-awaited project up for sale. We will be sad to see it go as it is part of our Genesis but we are sure that it will bring joy to its lucky owner

  2. Kawasaki GPZ900s - As mentioned before, this bike is in the naughty corner but we are confident that it will be back in the workshop soon

  3. Kawasaki GPZ 550 - The owner concluded that he bit off more than he could chew and we agreed to finish the project. We hope to get this underway during the dark days of December

  4. 1984 Suzuki RG 250 - The frame spend over 2 months with a company to be re-anodised and out of the blue we got a call to collect the frame as it cannot be done. Reason for this? The frame is made of aluminium alloy the discolouration of the various metals will leave a very unpleasant mottled appearance. Being slightly annoyed by this set back but very willing to think outside the box, we decided go the powder coating route and painted it a bright silver to mimic the polished aluminium look.

  5. 2014 KTM 390 Duke - This poor bike is in a sorry state and for a while it was touch and go whether we would break for spares of restore and you would be happy to know that the madness was short-lived as our company ethos is bring back to live, not destroy

  6. 1979 Yamaha DT175 - This is our little barn-find. We took a road trip to a farm in the Welch countryside and retrieved this from a actual barn. We still do not know what we will do to this old boy but you can rest assured that it will be epic

  7. Suzuki Bandit (black) - We are planning to change this into a TRON bike. The previous owner always wanted to do this but never had the money or the resources to realise this so we said yes. With the aid of Elctroluminescent paint we will attempt a pinstripe paint job that will light up when you turn the ignition on. Watch this space for updates

  8. Suzuki Bandit (blue) - Much to Daran's delight this one is on track to become a Streetfighter! We are not sure of the colour scheme just yet, but as this one has a rare blue frame we are thinking blue urban camo.

The story does not end here but we are sure that you have other things to do as well so we will leave you with the reminder that we have our 1st birthday celebration on 24 September from 7 pm onward and you are invited

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