The story of 2019...and deck the Halls...

It is that time of year again where some people lose their common sense and others just want to hide until it is all over. From daily 'sorry we missed you' delivery cards, you-can-collect-your-parcel-tomorrow-before-the-Sparrow-farts-but-not-after-the-Magpie-crossed-the-road notices to crowded shopping precincts with frazzled parents, tired toddlers and Christmas tunes on repeat play-back, you can be forgiven for finding the whole experience utterly relentless. There are a few ways to drown it out a bit but one sure means of escape is to don the winter gear and go riding to make it stop for just a short while.

For this tiny piece of quiet it is important that your favourite set of wheels is fine working order, so please ride carefully over next couple of weeks. FTN will be putting Daran, Simon and Lizé on Trickle-charge from 22 December 2019. They will be unplugged when the Workshop re-opens on 2 January 2020 so we will be unable to deal with any riding crisis's.

Since February when we made the brave decision to start trading Daran has fixed over 180 motorcycles, Simon got to grips with managing the workload of 2 full-time jobs and Lizé underwent a very steep learning curve on how to keep it all in order whilst serving countless cups of coffee.

Challenges were abounding and when Lizé declared Daran the Ducati Whisperer it almost broke him! At one point he had 4 Ducati's in his care and each one had problems that required its own Specialist sized tool and Special Paddock stand. The most memorable was the Ducati 748E/Cagiva hybrid. This was a challenge and a half, and our Mechanic almost handed his toolbox back over this but decided that he will not be beaten. Nearly 2 months of choice words saw the Ducati 748 back together and running well without the need to share coolant with the oil. The owner was contacted with the good news and arrangements were made to collect. The 748 was so happy to see his owner again that it split a fuel hose, leaving Daran muttering in the corner and the owner was sent away again so that the latest leak can be fixed! It was repaired in short order and it can be reported that both Ducati and owner were happily reunited.

There were few other motorcycles that tested both knowledge and patience but the steadfastness of Daran made him victorious on each occasion.

The Rehearsal room build is making progress and the hope is to have this operational by end January 2020. FTN will send updates as it progresses.

For Daran, Simon and Lizé it was a year filled with terror, frustration and elation all in equal measures, but it has been an amazing experience so far which, without the support of all of you would not have been possible.

So, without further ado Feel that Noise will take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and may 2020 be year where big dreams come true.


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