Sunday Surgery is back

on Sunday 9 August we will host a Sunday Surgery.

Time :        11.00 - 13.00

Location:   Feel that Noise workshop 

Unit 8 The Quadrant

Newark Close


Price: £15 per person

To Book: Please call 033 011 35432


The Sunday Surgery aims to offer a how to guide on basic every day riding maintenance ​and those very important pre-ride safety checks

This introduction into Motorcycle Mechanical maintenance offers valuable information for new riders. Experienced riders who just want know more about mechanical maintenance will also find this informative 

  • 11.00 - meet and greet 

  • 11.10 - Housekeeping and  H&S talk 

  • 11.20 - demonstration and general discussion about why regular every day maintenance is a must 

  • 11.50 -1-1 on your own motorcycle

  • 12.50 - Q&A session

  • Tea and coffee will be available  (and maybe a sweet treat)


  • This workshop offers advice only with a basic explanation and is not designed to form part of formal instruction on Mechanics.

  • Our Staff will brief you on our safety protocols and and point out Emergency exist during the Housekeeping portion on the morning

  • You are responsible for the safety of yourself and your motorcycle whilst visiting our premises

  • You agree to attend this workshop at your own risk. We cannot accept any liability for any damages caused to your person or property.

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Unit 8, The Quadrant, Newark Close, Royston SG8 5HL                                                                              VAT number - 338 02 04 30      

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