Something for the pretty Riders

On Saturday 11 July we will host our 1st Ladies ride out. This ride is open for riders of all abilities from the newly minted CBT's to the Veteran riders. We will ride at a 125 pace but if there is interest we can have a faster pace group as well

Our day will start at 10am with a cup of coffee/tea and a cheeky pastry. Daran will then give a short demo on how to do all the pre-ride checks (including how to lube the chain)

We will have a lead rider and a tail end Charlie with a spotter at junctions so you do not need to worry about losing the pack or getting lost.

The route will be about around 60 miles so please make sure that you have a full tank of fuel

We will finish back at the shop for another cup of coffee tea and a post ride natter.

If you want to join please contact Lizé on to book your slot - (We need to make sure we have enough sweet treats)

This ride is for ladies but it is not an exclusive club. If there are a men-folk who would like to join their Lady we will not object .

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