New arrival

After what seems like a lifetime, we are ready to receive orders for our heavy-duty cotton canvas under layer covers for winter storage.

The R&D was interesting to say the least and Lizé can now tell her mother that allowing her to study Fashion Design and Clothing Production was not such a risky decision. Between a Men's wear Garment Tech, an Aerospace Engineer designing Clean rooms, a Ladies apparel Pattern cutter from Hungary and the consultation of a Motorcycle Detailer we set about bringing this product to life.

This cover can be described as Thermal underwear for your motorcycle and will be fitted underneath the standard waterproof cover to better control the moisture and fungal fur that can develop over winter. The moisture and large variety of fungal spores can cause long term damage to the frame and electrics on your motorcycle if not controlled and treated.

Here is the tech chatter about this product and why it is different from the vast array of polyester covers you can readily buy

  • It is constructed from 100% natural untreated Cotton Canvas.

  • The Twill weave construction makes it robust and durable (All covers made from man-made fibres such as Polyester Polythene will generate some kind of moisture build-up as it is made from plastics in various guises and not as absorbent as any natural fibres)

  • It is fully porous with high absorbency properties making it a superior moisture control barrier between your motorcycle and the traditional waterproof cover that you will fit over your motorcycle for the winter months

  • There is no colour dye or printing residues that can bleed into the paintwork of your motorcycle

  • Using spun mercerised thread, the seam construction is a 5 thread looper finish with 3mm edge stitching to prevent any seam slippage.

  • The hem is a 30mm double turned hem line

  • The cover comes with a storage bag made from the cut offs

  • Lastly but by no means the least, this cover is fully bio-degradable and no part of its manufacturing will negatively impact our environment.

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