It takes a village to raise a child

We are settling into our 1st home and find ourselves filled with excitement followed hotly by sheer terror. The question inspiring these highly charged emotions is how to realise the Feel that Noise Blue-sky ambition on a Thrift Store budget? Given just a hot second to ponder this, I realise that the terror stricken panic levels may be unnecessary for one very simple reason. Feel that Noise is surrounded by fantastic and highly talented people, willing to give up Sundays if that is what it will take to raise this child.

So, as winter sets in and we gain our footing I have no doubt that there will be a legion of Tradesmen, Artist and simply just willing and able-bodied people who will help us. I will post updates as we progress but for today's post there is a very specific list of people we want to thank.

Way back when, on day dot, Barry Exton and Pete McGahan extended a helping hand and gave Daran the use of their garages without question and always asked 'how can we help?'

Mo from InZTech Automotive Services and Performance Enhancements was also on hand to provide us with working space whilst we endured the very long and protracted lease negotiations.

The very talented Andy West from DarkArt Design Studios patiently (and I do mean patiently) worked with us to establish our company colours and come up with a logo that incorporates all the elements that makes up Feel that Noise ltd. My very best friend Janine was then pressed into service for her extensive knowledge about the world of printing, promotional campaigns and all things POS related.

Whilst Daran acquired all the toys he will need to make sure that our biking community stays on the move and happy on 2 wheels Sheldon Dowler set out to design the rehearsal rooms. He spent the better part of 4 months working evening and weekends, putting his Aerospace Engineering degree to good use to design the Rehearsal rooms. So, when we say that our rooms were acoustically engineered by an Aerospace Engineer? it is no exaggeration. Being the son of 2 of the owners Sheldon did not have much of a choice, but his hard work and dedication for getting it right is most certainly worthy of a very big thank you.

Barry Hughes form Opus Interiors along with 2 willing helpers arrived yesterday morning to start the demolition works upstairs and completed the job in short order. Barry has also agreed to take on the building project end to end.

Lastly but by no means least we want to thank the Ride Herts Facebook group. You are the beating heart of Feel that Noise and your unconditional support is one of the many reasons we started this very unique company. It is also the one-stop shop for all the expertise we need so it does save time on on having to google search

Here are some photos from yesterday. The demolition crew did find some 'very unusual items' in the ceiling that had no earthly business being in the ceiling space of an industrial unit!!! This did make all of us laugh out loud

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