It is hotting up and we are ready!

As the June temperatures continue to soar so does our excitement about our rehearsal rooms. Both the rooms are available for bookings. On Sunday we will have our first band in for a 4 hour rehearsal. Taken is a female fronted rock covers band based in the Stevenage area.

This leaves one free 4 hour rehearsal slot up for grabs to the next band that makes a confirmed booking.

Here are a few key points to remember arranging your next rehearsal

  1. We can currently only host up to 4 band members but this will likely change after 4 July 2020 - we will send updates

  2. Please bring your own mics. Normally this would be provided but while COVID-19 is ongoing we feel it a safer option to request that you provide your own ( mic stands will still be provided)

  3. It is recommended that band members with the exception of the Drummer and the Vocals wear a face mask.

  4. Where reasonable we recommend that the Lead Vocal faces away from the other band members. - You can put him/her in a zorb ball !... Just kidding ...

  5. Our rooms have been acoustically engineered so you should not need to start your rehearsal at Spinal Tap volume. Our Room Engineer will be eager for constructive feed-back about the sound quality in the room, so please do not hesitate to proffer your opinion.

  6. For full details about the equipment available in each room please please follow

  7. and click on the Blue or Orange room links

  8. We currently only have a small selection of soft drinks and bottled water for sale

We are keeping a hawk's eye on COVID-19 related changes and good practices recommendations as set out by the government and will update all our SM platforms as it becomes available.

In Other News...

Our mask production is now in full swing. Lizé tapped into her 28+years experience as a Garment Technologist in the fashion industry and set about deconstructing the humble disposable face mask for the sole purpose of making reusable face masks. We now have a ready selection of prints available or you can settle for a plain grey or orange one. The choices are endless.

In the Workshop we are at capacity and our diary is already full for the next 2 weeks! As the world come out of the COVID-19 fog and the weather hots up, motorcyclist are lining up to get their rides services and MOT'd.

the guidance on MOT test is unchanged as of 27 May. To get full details about this please see the below link

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