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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Because we here at Feel that Noise struggle to say NO when asked for help, we did not think twice when a Bass Player, an Aerospace Engineer and a Delivery guy (representing a company set for world domination) asked us to help them get their live-streaming fund raiser out into the great unknown.

From Midday 22nd Feb to Midday 23rd Feb (with only short bathroom breaks permitted) Sheldon Kurt and James will be live-streaming for 24 hours in a bid to help raise much needed funds for a very worthy Gaming charity who dedicate all their time and money to help the disabled

From Stroke victims to those with complicated and challenging disabilities, Special Effects work tirelessly to help these individuals experience a more immersive and socially rounded lifestyle. Through the medium of Gaming they aim to give children a childhood worth smiling about and adults the means to become more social

These three guys will endeavour to partake in board games, on line games and various challenges for an uninterrupted period of 24 hours.

If you are able to help with the fundraising effort please follow for more details and information on how to donate

Money, however nice it is to see the fund-raising dial go up, is not all this amazing Motley crew needs. 24 hours is a long a long time to keep your brain switched on so they are also in need of continued encouragement to complete this challenge.

If 'Motivator Mo' is not your speed and you simply want to be entertained by the misery these 3 brave souls will face from hour 12-24 you can simply ready your popcorn and other snacks and watch the live-stream.

All armchair commentary and coaching will be welcomed at all hours


the count down is on and these 3 amazing young(ish) men are about to go live. Please log on to join the live feed

Here is is short video explaining what they want to achieve and what inspired them to do this. Please support them with you time and if you are able to make a donation it will be very much appreciated

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