Gameblast 2020 - a resounding success

the biker and his intrepid muso buddies completed the 24 hour live streaming challenge and exceeded their fundraising target by 66.7%! Well done James, Kurt and Sheldon.

Throughout the 24 hours they met the challenges and forfeits with gusto and enthusiasm. The darkest hours of this challenge happened during the sunrise hours which makes you wonder if it was irony or poetic justice but alas, with sheer grit and determination they beat back the tiredness desperately trying to drag them under and persevered.

Sheldon confessed to a few missing moments when he was sitting down for the 2nd attempt at changing his stubborn ginger locks to blue lock. Convinced that a micro nap or two took place without his knowledge. James found the early daylight hours difficult to cope with and stepped up his efforts to stay the course and make it to midday. Kurt who was doing this for a 6th year is an old hand at this so he took it in his stride, offer flimsy advise and mockery for Sheldon and James' lack of mainstay.

They all agreed that the press-up per £1 raised was ambitious but they met it head-on well-knowing, that Sunday and Monday were going to be unbearable as they coped with the muscle soreness.

Together they raised in excess of £415, far exceeding their £250 target. This excludes moneys raised through gift aid and payday pledges

Feel that Noise salutes you for your philanthropic efforts to help Special Effect

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