Customer notice - 12 Jan 2021

As 2021 splutters and coughs its way into existence it is with trepidation, but necessity that we are announcing a general price increase.

  • The introductory rate of £8.36p/h +VAT for the rehearsal rooms will expire on 31 JAN 2021. The new price will be £10p/h +VAT

  • Beginning 01 Mar 2021 the workshop rate will be £55.00 +VAT p/h and the motorcycle covers will increase to £66.67 +VAT.

  • All works commencing in the workshop before 01 Mar 2021 will be charged at the current rate of £50.00p/h +VAT

You may also note a general increase in parts and tyre prices. We monitor this daily and will update you on any significant price hikes. We do have a robust supply chain so we will do everything we can to minimise the POS price increases.

Lastly, our tyre supply chain is dealing with ongoing delays exacerbated by both the pandemic and our new independence from the EU. So that you are not caught short of the law with illegal tyres, we ask that you factor this into the decision making when scheduling your next tyre service

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