Dear Customer

We are in a position to remain open because there are just 3 of us that run the shop and we already work within the guidelines of social distancing.

Whilst this world wide Health crisis takes hold we understand the importance of keeping key- line and Emergency service workers on the road so that they can continue to deliver a vital service.

Police, Fire, Nurses, Paramedics and Blood runners already receive a 10% discount on labour, as part of our standard pricing policy and we are now extending this to all NHS and key line workers. In addition to this extended discount we will waiver the cost of collection in the event of a breakdown.

For our other customers we will offer payment solutions in as far as we are able to, so please do not hesitate to discuss this with us.

Over the next 12 weeks all of us will face situations that will confound the modern way way of thinking and working, so it will be essential that we have agility in our approach to business and customer care. This may mean that some of our customer may have to wait much longer to get their motorcycles back on the road. For this we do apologise but please rest assured that we will work tirelessly to get it done.

We do anticipate a disruption in the parts distribution network so we may face challenges with parts procurement. The standard service lead times may also increase as a result of this so we ask that you keep this in mind, when you schedule works including MOT's for your motorcycles. In order to prioritise the workload, preference will be given to essential maintenance works before other non-vital and/or cosmetic works.

Stay safe and follow All Government guideline, no matter how silly or inane it may appear

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