COVID 19 action plan

The Corona virus has now entered our back yard and the time for believing that it may not impact us is at an end. Like many other small businesses we have to consider the safety of our customers and the public at large. We must also decide how we will manage the potential interruption to services

If any of us become infected we will follow all government guidelines about self-isolation and quarantine procedures. We will close shop for the prescribed length of time if required and follow deep cleaning procedures.

For now we will practice:

1. Obsessive hand- washing.

2. Catch any sneezes in a disposable tissue and burn it immediately

3. Refrain from hugs and kisses.

4. Keep a respectable 20 ft distance from others.

5. Coffee and teas will be suspended until further notice

(refer to point 3 for reason)

6. All visitors to the workshop will be required to keep their lid on and visor down

(we don't know where you've been)

...Okay... we will not suspend teas and coffees! We accept that doing so will just be plain mean.

The important thing to remember is that miss-information and sensationalised news coverage can cause unnecessary panic, distress and the purchase of irrelevant products such as disposable masks, so try not to pay too much attention to the gumpff out there.

The following link is updated daily and provides comprehensive information and guidelines to follow

Keep calm and follow the advice from PHE

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