BIG and exciting news for all musicians

The long wait is over and we are very excited to announce that as of Friday 19 June 2020 we will accept bookings for the Orange and the Blue room.

As mentioned in previous blogs this build was a long time in the making but we hope that you agree with us that all the good things in life are worth the wait

The rooms were designed to offer the best in-room sound and we will be eager to get your feedback whilst we continue to tweak the sound dampeners.

To comply with social distancing both rooms are currently equipped to host up to 4 musicians but this will be reviewed periodically to be in line with Government guidelines.

We have an on line booking and payment system (yet untested so please feel free to give feedback if it does not work quite right) that you can use to check availability and confirm your booking

We have a special introductory offer of £10 p/h while we continue to fine-tune the rooms

We look forward to welcoming you to our new Rehearsal rooms

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