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A modern masterpiece

As is the 21st century custom, every Brand must have a decal that can be displayed on anything that is not nailed to the ground. To uphold this growing trend Andy West from DarkArt designs was put to task to get our decal design done and sent off to the printers.

The slick lines and exquisite blue hue we selected was inspired by a rarely seen creature that lives on the most northern cliff face of a big-ass mountain in a far-away land. Our pride and belief in this modern masterpiece is such that we know, it will make a fine addition to all the other artwork adorning your motorcycle. Its most astounding attribute is the mystical power it holds to win you a set of road tyres for the 2020 riding season.

Full details will be posted on the website today so please visit the Workshop page to find out about the amazing power of this humble service sticker.

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