A good first outing

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Our first ever Ladies day had a small attendance but we are not deterred by this as the mighty oak tree does start with a humble ahcorn.

With sweet treats at the ready and a hot drink in hand we had a good meet and greet followed by demo from Daran on how to check your oil levels. He also explained how to find and understand the information about your bike's oil requirements that is readily available on the frame. Daran also cast his trained eye on chain tensions and squirted chain lube where needed.

By consensus we had a last minute route change. With the end destination being at the Goat in Codicote, Cafe 77 was on hand to feed and water us. As is now the expected standard, the burgers were top notch. From the post-ride chats we concluded that the slower pace with a Tail end Charlie made for less stressful riding conditions. Many of the riders agreed that not having to worry about slowing anyone else down, losing group or getting lost, freed up some space in the panic room to think about the road in front of you and how to approach the corners.

A big thank you goes out to Daran for the Demo and chain maintenance and Sheldon for giving up his morning to be the Tail End Charlie.

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