5ft tall is not an affliction!!!

Updated: Jan 20

I recently followed a social media thread about a lady who is looking for her 1st big bike but suffers from being only 5ft tall.

Trawling through all the replies, I saw a pattern emerging about how this lady should look at low rider/custom/cruiser/height variable touring motorcycles. The very same thing befell me, when I posted the exact question into the wide unknown. As a result I ended up with a dull and frightfully boring but reliable BMW F800ST instead of the Ducati Monster I wanted.

There is a variety of motorcycle dealers who will be able to assist you and make it possible for you to test ride the bike of your dreams. It may take them a few days to get it arranged, but if it is a dealer worth knowing? then they will make it happen.

The BMW sadly did not survive is 1st year on the road and met a ghastly end on the A1 motorway. When I recovered and it was time to find my replacements I decided to not take advice from well-doers and find our for myself if I can or cannot ride the Ducati Monster that I wanted.

Ducati was more than happy to get a sculped seat delivered to the showroom so that I could take the monster for a ride. To broaden my horizons and make sure that the Monster and I would make a good match, I contacted other dealers as well with the same request.

  • Triumph arranged for one of the lowered motorcycles they had in stock to be brought the shop I visited so that I could try out the Speed triple.

  • Suzuki had a part ex GSXR which was already fitted with a lowering kit and the same dealer also manage to source a sculpted seat, so that I could take the Kawasaki ER6F for a spin. Even BMW accommodated me!

My point is that if you are under 5"4 or have an inside leg not exceeding 28" you are not restricted to the type of motorcycle you can test ride. Yes it takes a bit more planning but it is absolutely possible and do not be convinced, that you are doomed to riding a Virago until the end of your days.

For full disclosure, I have nothing against the beer belly motorcycles and accept that it has a strong and endearing fan club but it never floated my boat. I just do not want anyone with a height deficit to think that their choices are limited.

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